The proposal that adapts to

We offer a flexible curricular itinerary with hundreds of rich and guided activities

Different situations call for diverse dynamics

The proposal is organized with different classroom dynamics depending on the nature of the contents and the processes involved, considering the maturity stage of the students.

Dynamics of the proposal

1. Knowledge building

Starting from mathematical dialogue and the use of manipulatives, we get the children to learn the content and to develop their mathematical competence.

3 or 4 days a week

2. Systematic practice

The processes built are assimilated by practising autonomously and individualized

Once a week

1. Knowledge building

  • We learn from building and discovery through rich maths sessions.
  • We move away from the mechanization of unique algorithms by encouraging the use of clear and diverse strategies.
  • We promote thinking, creativity and love for maths.
  • 1. Introducing

    The concepts are presented through games and questions. We generate situations that arouse students’ curiosity and their want to learn.

  • 2. Desarrollamos

    Profundizamos en las estrategias mediante el diálogo y la manipulación. Fomentamos el descubrimiento y el interambio de experiencias

  • 3. Registramos

    Dejamos constancia por escrito y de forma individual de las estrategias descubiertas mediante actividades que incentivan su uso

Systematic practice

Autonomous and individualized learning

  • With the help of bmath application, students put into practice and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the knowledge building dynamics.


Allows each one to practise at his own pace and according to its evolution.


Motivates students, who create their own fantasy world.


Provide information on the progress of each child in the classroom.

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