Discover or expand your knowledge in mathematics education

Trainings for all levels from classroom experience

Trainings in manipulative and competency-based mathematics

Problem solving and mathematical dialogue in the classroom


In your school


Certifiable modality: 15 h

For whom?


Primary school

What will you learn?

  • Rich and diverse activities for your classroom.
  • You will get to know different specific materials and their possible use for maths teaching.
  • You will learn to generate a meaningful mathematical dialogue in class, and to set out questions that stimulate diversity.
  • You will learn to observe the different processes that take place in the classroom, and their relationship with competence-evaluation.

Support in mathematical teaching

Action plans adapted to each school

  • Where: In your school or online

  • Time: Depending on your needs

  • For whom?: Pre-school, primary school

  • Sessions included for Innovamat schools

Digital capsules

Training resources in audiovisual and written format to delve into key concepts of mathematics. Explained and written by the main maths teaching experts.

Included for Innovamat schools!


Live online workshops on mathematics education. Participate actively and clear up your doubts live with one of our experts in teaching.

Included for Innovamat schools!

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