Rediscover Mathematics

We provide your school with all the resources needed for meaningful, competency-based learning

The didactic change your school is looking for

We are committed to the competency-based learning of mathematics through dialogue and the use of manipulative material.

  • Without mechanization
  • Experience-based challenges
  • Strategy development
  • Use of manipulative material

A wealth of resources. For students and teachers

Our proposal provides you with everything you need in order to focus on what really matters: your students.

  • Teacher’s guides
  • Manipulative material
  • Digital tools
  • Audio-visual resources

Oh! And we will always be by your side

We know that change is not easy, that is why our teaching advisors will be available to you at all times.

  • Initial implementation of the proposal
  • Progress monitoring
  • Assessment and continuous improvement


“From the beginning, we’ve felt accompanied and well-advised at all times. Communication with the Innovamat team is extremely good and they have always been available to clear up any doubts. We have regular meetings to provide feedback, so that we can build shared knowledge.”

Jordi Lluch, Learning and Knowledge Technology Coordinator
School: Dolors Almeda

Schools that already believe in us

“As teachers, they provide us with a different and dynamic vision of mathematics. The extremely well-guided sessions are based on a proposal with very stimulating and open challenges that use manipulative materials, where the answers may vary. The digital platform provides us with a weekly report that assesses student progress.”

Jordi Lluch, Learning and Knowledge Technology Coordinator
School: Dolors Almeda

“Innovamat is an educational proposal that leaves no one indifferent: children thrilled by mathematics and teachers with extra training. The key? Having its team by our side.”

Mariona Argemí, Head of Studies for Primary Education
School: Tecnos

“In order to speed up the transformation of the social definition of learning, teachers cannot do it alone. An ecosystem that is as varied as possible is needed, where each agent makes their own value contribution. Innovamat aligns itself with this drive for change by means of a vision that combines freshness, pedagogical depth and technological brawn.”

Sergi del Moral, Head of Studies
School: Institut Escola Les Vinyes

“The activities presented facilitate attention to diversity”

The guides include questions with different levels of abstraction for each activity, designed to work in different kinds of classrooms.

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  • Join in with the work on manipulative materials and strategy development
  • Rediscover your enthusiasm for mathematics, and that of your students
  • Contribute to a more mathematically-competent society